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The wonderful use of banana skin can be used as skin care products. When used on the skin, it can make the skin moist and smooth. Banana peel also has high medicinal value, and has good effects on the treatment of hypertension, stroke and blood in stool. It can also prevent frostbite in winter.

There are many uses of baking soda powder. Specifically, what is baking soda powder and what is its magic use? Let's have a look together?

We usually throw away the shell when we eat eggs, but in fact, the egg shell has many wonderful functions. Let's see which ones are available.

After the mobile phone is flooded, it can be retrieved at the first time to reduce the time for the mobile phone to soak in water. The longer the time of water ingress, the greater the damage to the microphone, earpiece, screen and motherboard of the mobile phone.

If you only pack food, the plastic wrap at home will seriously bury its potential. The function of plastic wrap is so powerful! Let's have a look.

Before using 502 glue, apply some petroleum jelly and other oily moisturizing oil on your hands to prevent the pain of staining your hands.

Small honey bugs are a common pest that parasitize plant parts such as flowers, fruits and leaves, sucking plant juices and causing plants to grow poorly, wither or even die. In order to protect plants, we need to take some measures to eliminate honey bugs. Here are some tips to eliminate honey bugs

Motor oil is a mixture of several hypochondriac hydrocarbons, which are organic substances, and according to the principle of similarity and solubility, we can also use organic substances to dissolve motor oil