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One child in the family is sick and disabled. Whether the other children are healthy or not, it is easy to have high hopes. As a result, these children will inevitably pay more than their peers. Such relationships are doomed to sacrifice, and such families are doomed to face more challenges.

Krupkkaya said: love is not enough, but also good at love. The same is true of children's education. The real education is not simply YES and NO, but the satisfaction brought by company, the power brought by love, and the double enrichment of spirit and soul.

If we record what we have said to our children and listen carefully to our tone and voice, we will find that we do not respect our children to a large extent. Because we always use the tone of teaching, coaxing and seducing to win their cooperation. Even if children cooperate with us, it is often not from the heart. If we realize that our intonation and way of speaking are wrong, we should start to change ourselves. If we talk to our children in an equal way, like talking with friends, instead of lecturing them, we can successfully exchange ideas with our children in most cases.

Dear daughter, you are growing up, you have to learn to live on your own and learn to love yourself.

Do you feel that your life is boring and uninteresting? Do you feel that your life is repeating the same route and the road ahead is bleak?