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If a person knows how to love himself and has the ability to love, then he can love others better. Do you know how to love yourself? Love yourself is something that one should learn and explore all his life.

Relationships are life-defining. Good relationships give wings to our success, so it's important to work on your interpersonal skills.

I believe that everyone will have unhappy moments. When they are unhappy, they will feel that there is no hope in life and they are in a very bad mood. So when you are in low mood, you should learn to adjust to make your mood more comfortable. How can you adjust when you are in low mood to make your mood more comfortable?

Human beings belong to seven emotions and six desires, and human beings are high-level animals with rich emotions, so there are joys and sorrows. Since there is emotion, it determines that we will be sad when we meet unhappy things, and will smile when we meet happy things. A person cannot always live smoothly, and he will encounter unpleasant things or setbacks on the road of life, mainly how to face them. What should we do when we are sad or unhappy?

We are born with the ability of self-control, even if sometimes we are not able to use this ability. These are the ten practical and effective methods extracted from Stanford University's most popular psychology course "self-control". Let's change old habits, cultivate healthy new habits, overcome procrastination, focus on key points, and manage pressure.