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It was a happy thing that the child went to primary school. However, after coming back from school for several days in succession, the original bright smiling face was gloomy, and the whole evening was also surprisingly quiet. In the morning, school was also changed from the previous enthusiasm and procrastination, as if I didn't want to go to school.

Parents often encounter this and that kind of confusion in educating their children. For example, children are too naughty, often cause trouble, or children are too timid, cowardly and not generous, which is a headache for parents. In fact, children's timidity is caused by many factors, so how should parents guide them? What should children do if they are cowardly?

Many people think that the difference in age will lead to the so-called "generation gap". In fact, the generation gap is not as terrible as we think. After all, parents grow up slowly when they are young, so the relationship between parents and children needs to be solved easily through some skills. Xiaobian is here to provide parents with several ways to ease the relationship with their children.

Parents all like their children to study hard at school, put learning first, and don't fall in love. After all, they are still young, and don't know what love is and what love is. But now children receive so many complicated and precocious information. Many children talk about love behind their parents' backs. What should parents do when children fall in love early?

Parents think that children are still young, so they need to be strictly controlled, regardless of the rules will be no rules, the heart will play wild. For example, they control their children's studies, accompany them to do their homework, and impose strict requirements everywhere. Fear that the child can not do their own thing, so control the child's life, do things for the child.

Many parents of adolescent children still treat their children as "children", making substitutions and making decisions, while the physical and mental development of adolescent children is much faster than in the past, posing new challenges to parents.

Attention to the education of a healthy personality of the child: in the process of formation of the child's personality, the father and the mother have an irreplaceable role. In the absence of fatherly love, the child will develop a so-called biased personality, i.e. weak, sentimental, inferiority complex, lack of perseverance.