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Love is a feeling that gives a person a sense of security, satisfies his needs, allows him to be himself, and allows him to experience security, warmth, comfort, pleasure, relaxation, and joy because of your presence.

If your love is very scarce, you should master more knowledge of this aspect, so that when someone tells you or wants to pursue you, you can better deal with various problems that may arise in the process of love, such as how to determine the relationship between two people. So, how to determine the relationship after all? Let's have a chat

Couples are the people who spend the longest time together. They face each other day and night. However, such close relatives will encounter various contradictions when they get along, which will affect each other's feelings. A good marriage will make people feel comfortable. Unhappy marriage makes people feel disheartened. No couple wants their family to breed conflicts, and they all want to be happy. What is happiness and how can we be happy.

Lisa is my sister. She has suffered from domestic violence for many years. We all advised her to leave, but she still followed the man. The son, who grew up year by year, watched her being raped, and finally beat his father several times. Who knows, when her son hit her father, Lisa shouted at her son and even used her body to block her husband's fist. What's the matter with her?

Just ignore it after being beaten? Nowadays, many people have the awareness of rights protection, but awareness is only the first step to stay away from domestic violence. What should we do next? What rights are protected by law? Not everyone understands. Come on, let the experts slowly tell you to be a "sensible person" who stays away from domestic violence.

I think the relationship between lovers in the hot love period is very good, but with the passage of time, the passion is less and the insipid is more. At this time, how to improve the relationship between lovers has become a big problem. So how to improve the relationship between lovers and live in love forever? I have provided the following methods for you, and you can refer to them.